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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tiny Houses

  1. Most are built using the same products and following the same set of rules/best practices as a regular house.
  2. Some can be completely powered by an extension cord or go completely off-grid with solar.
  3. The trailer needs regular inspections and maintenance – tires, safety chains, brakes, lights, etc.
  4. You need to weigh your tiny house regularly as it can become quite heavy depending on what you have in there.
  5. Water collection systems and solar can be added, but would need upfront design planning.
  6. When you are considering buying or building, look underneath. There are ways to make them waterproof and critter-proof, and if you don’t take those precautions you could have issues down the road (pun intended).
  7. Jay Shafer is largely credited with jumpstarting the tiny house movement in 1999. But one year prior to that, author Sarah Susanka released her book “The Not So Big House” which was a bestseller.
  8. It’s not just millennials living in tiny houses. They are also popular with those that enjoy regular travel and retirees looking to downsize.
  9. Tiny houses are best suited to individuals that enjoy spending time outdoors. It’s easy to go stir-crazy in a small space, so having access to activities outside of the home is necessary.
  10. Tiny homes are considered to be very environmentally friendly as they use less resources and contribute to less waste.