A Look Back on 2020 - 84 Tiny Houses
A Look Back on 2020 1024 683 Alex Linardi

A Look Back on 2020

2020 started out hopeful with us making 20 Green Resolutions to Start in 2020. Some of the top ones that benefited us throughout this pandemic, included DIY all-natural cleaners, a toilet paper subscription service, switching to reusable, washable paper towels and napkins, and growing our own food. Then we jumped right into making sustainable home improvements. We talked about sustainable home improvements that you can make – like new windows to save energy, installing a water catchment system or updating all of your lighting to LEDs. Storage in the Shonsie received a shout out, as did these students who are building their very own tiny home with materials from 84 Lumber. Then we discussed the do’s and don’ts of recycling in 2020 – be sure to check with your local authority on what is allowed in your recycling bin!

Once we rounded into spring we took a look at ways to make your wedding more sustainable and discussed the most popular places to live in your tiny house. By this time, the pandemic had been underway, so we adjusted and celebrated Earth Day virtually. Around this time we took a deep dive into practicing sustainability during a time where it is more difficult than ever. Then we got down to business and de-cluttered and talked about energy efficiency. In May we gifted a tiny house to a very deserving veteran. Over the summer, we looked into how COVID has made us re-think where and how we are living and we thought about when the best time to go tiny would be. Speaking of THOWs, we discussed storage in the Degsy and the Countryside and Shonsie design features. We pointed out the differences between THOWs and tiny houses and then introduced you to our 500 square foot tiny homes. Just in time for the holidays we discussed saying no to gifts that you don’t need, how to shop responsibly, and how to have a resourceful Thanksgiving.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year like no other. Here’s to hoping 2021 brings health and happiness!