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A Pandemic Holiday Gift Guide

December is here and if you haven’t already started thinking about the holidays, it’s time to consider them now. Every year around this time we start getting bombarded with ‘gift guides’ and holiday decorating tips and all of the baking inspo, and sometimes it can be downright overwhelming. Instead of creating another ‘guide’ for your picture-perfect holiday let’s revisit some of the options you have for sustainable shopping and gifts during this year’s pandemic-holiday season.

In October we released a blog about turning down gifts respectfully. Depending on how you handled the pandemic (did you Marie Kondo everything or have you been filling your time with online shopping?), you may not want or need anything this year. In this blog we give you 4 ways to handle gift-receiving, everything from saying no to re-purposing. You can read the whole post here.

Shopping local vs. shopping online is always a topic around the holiday season, but even more so this year. Shopping local is typically the most sustainable option, as long as you aren’t making multiple trips. However, because of the pandemic, more people are opting into shopping online to avoid being around large crowds of people. In order to make shopping online as ‘green’ as possible, make a list, check it twice, and order as many things from the same place as possible. Also, some inline retailers will give you the option to chip everything as it is in stock, or wait for all of the items to be shipped together. Order early enough and check the box to use the least amount of shipments as possible.

While you’re brainstorming gifts check out some of these green companies to shop. I guarantee that you will be able to check everyone off of your list with something (there’s everything from food to toilet paper) from these one of these retailers.

Lastly, if you have found yourself with an abundance of time and creativity during this pandemic consider DIYing some beautiful gifts for your loved ones. You can find several unique ideas here. Creating your gifts can be extremely rewarding and a great topic of conversation.

2020 has a been year like no other. Whether you are spending it with family, or keeping it small, we hope that you have a safe and healthy holiday!