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Decorating your Tiny Home for the Holidays 1024 683 Alex Linardi

Decorating your Tiny Home for the Holidays

Just because you live in a tiny, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate big! Here are seven tips for decorating for the holidays!

Don’t block the windows – You still want to let the light in and be able to open your windows. In such a  compact space, you want to be able to maximize the light and airflow throughout your home.

Less is more – In a small space, think about doing a single, larger statement piece instead of several smaller items. This will reduce clutter.

Have a White Christmas – Decorating with white will make your tiny space feel open and bright.

Don’t forget about the exterior – garland, a wreath on the door, and twinkle lights will make your home feel very festive without taking up valuable space inside.

Make your décor work for you – Consider making wreaths out of herbs. They are beautiful, fragrant and useful in the kitchen!

Washi tape – if you don’t want to take up valuable floor or countertop space, make a tree on the wall with washi tape, or string garland in the outline of a tree and tack it on the wall. Both options get the point across without being too overbearing in your tiny.

Work with what you got – with twine, a hot glue gun, candles and cinnamon, you can make simple & sweet-smelling decorations. Simply tie (or glue) cinnamon sticks around your candles. They will look festive, and smell festive once lit.