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Degsy Spotlight: Storage 1024 682 Alex Linardi

Degsy Spotlight: Storage

We all know storage is at a premium in any tiny house. That is especially true in a tiny house on wheels that is only one level, like our Degsy.

We designed the Degsy to be single level to accommodate those that are not able to regularly climb up into a loft. We achieved this design with a sofa that pulls out into a full-size bed.

In order to add some storage for items like the water tank, we raised the kitchen up, and included a slide out drawer that is easily accessed when the bed is in the couch position. Next to the drawer, is a hidden compartment for more storage.

The Degsy also has room for a 2’x3’ closet. We outfitted the model with French doors and plenty of shelves, plus room to store your broom and/or mop.

We also suggest including built in shelves in the bathroom. The interior wall allows for about 1.5’x5’ of built-ins for your toiletries.

While the loft in our other homes does offer more living space, we packed so many storage features into the Degsy that you won’t even miss it! Contact us today to for more information on how you can build your own Degsy!