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Earth Day During a Global Pandemic

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first celebration of Earth Day, which is an opportunity to renew our commitments to a more sustainable future. The first Earth Day, held in 1970, drew an estimated 20 million participants nationwide to advocate for a cleaner environment. However, due to almost national stay-at-home orders, this years Earth Day will look a little different. It has been declared the first Digital Earth Day, with all of the events being virtual. Here are several ways that you can participate safely:

  • Protest virtually and create signs/posters to share on social media using hashtags like #EarthDayNetwork
  • Get outside and plant trees, a vegetable garden, start a backyard compost pile or do a cleanup (from a safe distance)
  • Download an app from Earth Challenge 2020 to join a global citizen effort to protect our planet.
  • Reduce your use of paper and plastic products. Turn old clothing into cleaning rags
  • Checkout this list of projects for all ages from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Watch a virtual teach-in to learn more
  • Accept the Pittsburgh Earth Day Challenge

While this year’s Earth Day is unprecedented, it is important to remember to stick together, even if it can’t be done physically. There are still many actions that we can make as individuals that make a difference.