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Is A Pandemic The Best Time To Go Tiny? 1024 577 Alex Linardi

Is A Pandemic The Best Time To Go Tiny?

If you have been on the fence about going tiny, now may be the best time to make the leap. As cities and states are shutting down due to the coronavirus more and more people are looking at tiny homes and tiny home communities as an attractive proposition.

Tiny Houses, especially in rural areas, are favorable for several reasons, but especially during this pandemic. They provide financial security, and the ability to escape crowded housing and major metro areas, which many of the US is concerned about. This pandemic has completely changed the way much of the world is operating. Unless you are an essential employee or were already a remote worker, chances are that your job has been affected. That could mean that there was a furlough, pay cut or the structure has changed to allow for remote work. Financial security is something that is achieved through owning a tiny house. Less house means less of a mortgage, which allows for more financial security during these uncertain times. Along with financial security, tiny homes offer safety from the crowded housing that many in big cities have grown accustomed to. Tiny houses aren’t exclusively found in rural areas, but they are located there more often. During a pandemic this is especially important. There are no shared corridors or elevator, only more wide-open spaces.

Going tiny makes sense now more than ever. If you are interested in learning more, contact us here.