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It’s Official!

84 Tiny Living has partnered with Alyssa Bean and Dan Mini on an exciting new project!

Alyssa and Dan, with the help of Skoolie Homes and ourselves, are renovating a school bus to live in and travel to all 48 mainland states. They made the decision to pack up their lives and put it on wheels to chase after the myriad of experiences that America has to offer. To live tiny, whether it be on a bus, or a tiny house on wheels, is a commitment to living intentionally and experiencing the freedom that that offers. We are thrilled to be a part of their journey!


Everyone has been working hard to get their renovation complete so that Alyssa & Dan can start their journey across the US in January 2019! Skoolie Homes, arguably the most well-known bus conversion company, has been working diligently on the build with materials from 84 Lumber. Our associates are all in on the build, with custom features from 84 Tiny Living, 84 Millwork, and 84 Sign Shop. We’ll be posting updates to our blog and social channels along the way!

Be sure to check out their pages and follow along with us to see what’s to come!