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Salmon Creek Spotlight

Ever since 84 Tiny Living began we have received questions like “but does it HAVE to be built on a trailer?” or “I like this, but I would need something slightly larger”. After hearing these statements over and over, we decided to move forward and release our 3 tiny home models that were designed to be built on a foundation or crawlspace. Our Salmon Creek house is 448 sq. ft. and perfect for that person or couple who like to live minimally, but don’t want to travel with their home.

            The front door features an overhang to protect you from the elements when entering and exiting your home. Once you enter through the front door, you walk into your expansive great room. Much like our tiny homes on wheels, Salmon Creek has large windows throughout, allowing for abundant natural light. The kitchen is open and has a bar for dining, and the washer/dryer unit is located in a closet off of the great room.

            As you continue down the hallway, you’ll find the attic access, the bathroom and the bedroom. The bedroom has two windows and a closet. You won’t be sacrificing any comfort in this tiny home.

            You can find more information on all of our tiny homes by visiting us here.