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Savvy Ways to Decorate your (Tiny) Home for the Holidays

We’re counting down the days until Christmas here at 84 Tiny Living and thought this would be a perfect time to share our favorite ways to decorate! Don’t worry, there’s no need to trim down your holiday spirit when getting your tiny house ready for the holidays. Keep it toasty and cozy with these strategic ways to help you bring on the holiday charm, whether it’s for your tiny, or not-so-tiny, home.

Oh, Christmas Tree

If you are going for a minimalist holiday this year, consider a “Wishmas” tree instead of your traditional Christmas tree. A Wishmas tree is a small, tabletop tree that you string up your wishes on. Write down everything that you are wishing for, or grateful for, and tie them to your tree. Instead of opening gifts, you can unwrap your wishes for the new year and spend time focusing on what you are most thankful for in your life.

If you prefer a more traditional holiday, buy a real Christmas tree, cut the top off to use in your house for your petite tree, and use the remaining branches to make a wreath for the front door. You can also create a greenery display for the tongue of your trailer. While you are outside doing that, hang up a clothesline for Santa’s red or green long johns and hat. We just love this idea from Barbara in North Carolina.

It’s Alive

You’d be surprised what a difference tucking some greenery, pine cones and holly into places does! The great thing about using live decorations is that once the season is over, you can return these items to the outdoors to decompose naturally, eliminating the need to find extra storage space for your decorations.

Slap a Cover on It Hanging

Another way to decorate without using too many resources is to use felt, wrapping paper or recycled gift bags to create a festive book cover for your favorite coffee table book.

Add Some Holiday Glam

If you are like me, you probably have more ornaments than room on your tree. If so, string them up with some ribbon and hang them throughout your house. They look great hanging from backs of chairs or off of shelves. You can also grab a picture frame you aren’t using (or buy one second hand), paint it and string up a few ornaments with ribbon for a creative, one-of-a-kind window display.

Consider displaying your festive dinnerware by mounting them to the walls. This way you can both enjoy them and have easy access to your plates when it’s time for dinner.

One Last Thought

If you aren’t using items that can be repurposed year-round, you will either need to find a storage solution or donate them after the holidays. That’s why getting creative and using dual-purpose items can be so useful. Also, consider what you can find at thrift or antique stores. There are usually inexpensive festive finds that can be re-thrifted once you are done with them. And after all of that, take some time to sit back with a warm drink and enjoy the season!

Leave a comment below with your favorite way to decorate. And from all of us here at 84 Tiny Living, Happy Holidays!