Shonsie Spotlight: Cottage Vibes - 84 Tiny Houses
Shonsie Spotlight: Cottage Vibes 1024 676 Alex Linardi

Shonsie Spotlight: Cottage Vibes

            Each of our tiny houses were designed with a certain style in mind. Our Roving is our cabin model, the Degsy is more contemporary, the Countryside is industrial-farmhouse, and the Shonsie is our cottage on wheels.

First you notice the striking metal roof and smooth siding. As you walk around to the back of the house, you’ll see the large front porch area with a sliding door.

Once you enter, you are greeted with a cozy warmth. The walls and lighting fixtures give the home a light and airy feel, while floor makes you feel as though you are walking on glass. The open rafter ceiling and windows add another hint of charm.

Finish off the look by adding some weathered furniture pieces, woven baskets and colorful flowers. Picture your Shonsie THOW sitting on a lake, where you can enjoy it from a rocking chair on the porch, or by looking out through the full-size patio door. You can make this charming house yours by contacting us here.