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Six Ways to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

              Spring is here and so is wedding season. Weddings are a beautiful and timeless tradition to share a couple’s love with their friends and family. Unfortunately, they can also be wasteful, if careful planning hasn’t taken place.

Below, we have compiled a list of ways to put together your event more sustainably.

  • Buy ethical wedding rings. Look for jewelers that use recycled or conflict-free diamonds, or recycled metals. There are even lab-grown diamonds that are made much more ethically.
  • Avoid using single-use dishes, silverware, or table covers. These items are available for rent which will prevent a lot of unnecessary waste.
  • Choose caterers that support local farmers. Eating local is always a good idea because there is no wasting the carbon emissions that come with shipping food across the country.
  • Choose your wedding invitations wisely. There are many options for eco-conscious wedding invitations. You could buy ones made from recycled paper, have them printed on seeded paper that can planted, or go digital and use email or create a website instead.
  • Consider your décor carefully. Some of your décor may be able to be reused throughout the evening. Also, think about using décor that you would eventually like to re-purpose in your home. Lastly, use succulents and potted plants, that can be replanted, instead of flowers.
  • Wear second hand or borrowed items. It can be extremely sentimental to wear something that has been shared by others in your family. You may also consider having dresses or suits reworked to make them something specific to your style.