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Sustainability Tips and FAQs for Living Tiny

There are plenty of benefits that come with living the tiny lifestyle. Flexibility,  freedom, and ease are the advantages that usually come to mind, but reducing your environmental footprint is another big bonus. Reducing living quarters doesn’t automatically make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, though. There is plenty more to it. That’s why it’s important to develop some of these green habits while living life on the tiny side.

  • Look for Energy Star options when replacing outdated electronics and appliances to save energy and money.
  • One stainless bottle can replace your daily water bottle, coffee cup and thermos. Using one for all 3 eliminates waste and clutter.
  • To save on lighting usage, use windows and natural light as much as possible throughout the day.
  • Do your research on the items that you buy regularly. Ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing all play an important role and impact what we buy.
  • Make more of your meals at home. You’ll save on food waste, save money on take-out, and save on emissions on driving out to eat. Plus, you won’t be discarding any plastic take-out containers.
  • Now that it is spring, focus on using less resources and enjoying your environment – spend your time going on a hike, check out the local farmers market, or organize a community garage sale.
  • Make conscious decisions regarding your consumerism. Buying, storing, and using too many things can contribute to stress and waste.
  • Grow your own food. Even if you live in a small space, you can still grow your own herbs. Not only will you save money at the grocery store, but growing your own food helps you to de-stress.
  • Did you know that the materials that you use on your roof can make a dramatic difference in your home’s energy efficiency? When it comes time to replace what you have now, be sure to consider a product that offers green benefits.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems are a fantastic way to save on your water usage. A rain collection system is simple to install and can be hooked up to sprinkler systems.
  • Use your landscaping to your advantage! Planting trees can protect your home from direct sunlight, keeping it cooler.