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Tiny House on Wheels Spotlight: Shonsie Storage 1024 676 Alex Linardi

Tiny House on Wheels Spotlight: Shonsie Storage

The Shonsie has always been a crowd favorite! It’s unique design appeals to those that really love the beach cottage aesthetic. There are many features about this house that make it desirable, including the many storage options.

The above picture shows a storage area that we built into one of the seats at the table. This is a great space for travel items – extension cords, ratchet straps, wheel chocks, etc. In this picture you can also see the pantry. This is perfect for groceries and/or cleaning supplies.

These shelves are located in the kitchen, near the cooktop. Perfect for glassware, spices or other items that are used often.

The above showcases our pulldown storage in the kitchen. This one is hidden, and most people miss it until we point it out. It pulls down to reveal three shelves for items like dishes, hand towels, tea or coffee.

Here is the closet, which shares a rolling barn door with the bathroom. When one is open, the other is closed. This closet has plenty of room for clothes, plus shelves for cleaning items or other misc. items.

This shot gives you a view of the second loft. This was designed to be used for storage of larger items, seasonal items, or generally anything that you don’t need to access on a daily basis.

Lastly, we added 2 simple storage boxes built in to the loft floor. These are hidden by the mattress and perfect for anything that you want to keep tucked away.

At 84 Tiny Living we design special features like these into all of our tiny homes on wheels to take advantage of unused space. So while you may need to downsize for your tiny, you won’t need to get rid of everything!