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We Gave Away a Tiny House!

              This year, for 84 Lumber’s annual Operation Appreciation campaign, we were proud to give away one of our fully built tiny home on wheels to a very deserving veteran. We requested video entries from military members who could benefit from receiving a tiny house. Tabitha Foster, a retired Army National Guard, was selected as the winner and was surprised with the keys to her tiny house in Sparta, Michigan.

              Tabitha retired from the U.S. Army with extreme PTSD and a mild traumatic brain injury. This forced her to find a new career. She discovered a passion for animals and went on to get her Masters in Biology. She had been looking for a way to move from Kentucky to Michigan to work at Soulshine Wildlife Center, an animal reserve owned by her friend Amber Covell.

              Tabitha was selected based on her compelling story and her plans for using the tiny house. Not that she officially has the keys to her home, she can finalize her plans to move and work with animals.

              “I won! I can’t believe I won! This changes everything. I had no idea how I was going to move up here to Michigan, if it was even possible. And now, I have this tiny house,” Tabitha said.

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