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Who is buying a tiny house?

The typical tiny house customer cannot be confined to a certain box. In our experience, there is not one overwhelming age group or profession that prefers the lifestyle, so that question can be difficult to answer.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017 the MicroLife Institute conducted a survey with the results showing just that. The age range was not confined to millennials as many think, in fact, it was a pretty even split, with 22% being 20-29, 18% being 30-39 years old, 23% being 40-49 years old, 22% being 50-59, and 15% being 60+. The National Association of Home Builders also conducted a survey in which 53% of adults surveyed said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ when asked if they would ever consider the possibility of buying a home that is less than 600 square feet. https://bit.ly/2mBGLyn

Another factor to note that the MicroLife Institute found is that this interest to live tiny doesn’t seem to strictly pertain to just one profession. 26% of those that participated in the survey were hourly, 41% are salaried, 11% are contract workers, 9% are retired and the remaining 12% fall under the unpaid/volunteer/other category.

What both of these surveys show us is that there are aspects of tiny living that speak to people of each age group on some sort of level. For example, those that are nearing retirement or are retired look at it as a way to stretch out their fixed income, as well as the fact that they will be living in a small space that doesn’t require much maintenance. Also, considering that those aged 20-39 are still grappling with the effects of the recession, they don’t want to add to the debt that they already carry. Taking on a mortgage is a large deterrent to all of those age groups surveyed, but especially with those that are dealing with student loan debt.

Many tiny house dwellers view their home as a means to an end, a way to make their home work for them as opposed to working for their home. In this way they can live their lives in a way that best suits them. Whatever the age or profession, we love hearing the reasons for wanting to go tiny. This allows us to get to know our homeowners better and build houses that make sense for them.

Would you consider living full-time in a tiny house on wheels? What about it appeals to you?