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The secret to tiny storage 1024 683 Kelly Slates

The secret to tiny storage

When thinking about storage in your Tiny House, you want to utilize every square foot of the floors, walls and even ceilings. The Shonsie Model uses this significant feature in the kitchen.

One stand-in advantage of tiny house architecture is fold down furniture. This generally refers to desks and tables, though with a little imagination, you can probably think of all types of ways this specific feature would be valuable.

As an example, think about how much space you’d need for a dining table. If you could fold it into the wall when you’re not using it, nevertheless, all of a sudden space isn’t such a problem. Numerous people do this with benches as well, though there are no limits.

Best of all, this is an easy “DIY” answer to saving space. All you need is the wood for the desk/table/bench, a pair of hinges and a fastening mechanism to keep it in tack.
The Shonsie has a unique pull-down feature from the ceiling in the kitchen. Three extra shelves in a Tiny Kitchen can go along way for kitchen supplies. As mentioned before, space is valuable in every Tiny Home and the unique ways to create space is very valuable to anyone that is living tiny or is planning to live tiny.

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How to become a minimalist

The average tiny home is between 100-400 sq. ft. Tiny Living by 84 Lumber offers homes between 150-250 sq. ft. So, how do you survive in a home this small? You become a minimalist.

Minimalists generally own fewer things and strive to live smaller, simpler lives. It doesn’t come easy for most, but there are tips and tricks to make the process easier.

  1. Give yourself a goal and a timeline: Is your goal to have all your clothes fit into a small suitcase? Do you just want to declutter a room in your house?  Or, are you simply looking for less stress? Once you have your goal set, you have to make a deadline for yourself, so that you can hold yourself accountable. There is no “right way” way to be a minimalist.
  2. Teach yourself to live with and on less: Keeping track of your finances and paying attention to all the little things you spend money on that you may not necessarily need will make a big difference. Daily lattes add up. Simply saying, “no” when your at a store can add up to BIG savings. How many times have you walked into Target for one item and $200 later you’re wondering, “what happened?!” Once you start analyzing what your spending money on, you’ll start making smarter money decisions.
  3. Quality over quantity: When you need to have something new, it may make sense in the long run to splurge. It’s not always the case, but usually high prices items will last you long and therefore give you a bigger bang for your buck.
  4. Go through your closest: You’ve heard it before, but it’s true– If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, throw it out. There is not reason to attach sentimental value to clothing. If you’re not wearing it, someone out there would. A good first step to take towards minimalism is to go through all your clothes and create keep, donate and trash piles. Make sure you go through that keep pile twice though.
  5. Connect with other minimalists: Social media is an amazing tool. A quick search on Instagram can lead to thousands of other people who are living minimalist lifestyles.

Minimalism looks different on everyone, so do what feels and works best for you. And remember, it’s not easy, so give yourself time to adjust. And, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Check out the Shonsie at Pittsburgh Pride! 1024 1024 Kelly Slates

Check out the Shonsie at Pittsburgh Pride!

84 Lumber, in partnership with Nemacolin, is so proud and excited to be sponsors of Pittsburgh Pride 2017. We have so many exciting things planned for the festival, including our Shonsie, which will be parked downtown for you to tour!

Our booth and Tiny Home will be parked at the corners of 9th Street and Liberty Avenue! Please stop by and say “Hi!” We will have a raffle to give away two BIG prizes (you won’t want to miss out on these!), and plenty of rainbow goodies to hand out.

Pittsburgh Pride Parade Route



Meet the cottage-style Shonsie! Built on a custom steel trailer with radial tires, safety brakes and stabilizing jacks, this home will transport you in elegant style to the nearest beach or seaside retreat. Onlookers will notice the striking blue or red metal roof and admire the polymer composite siding. You’ll love the views through the sliding glass patio doors that lead out to the picturesque front porch.

Click Here to learn more about the Shonsie

Couple curbs winter boredom building Tiny Home 600 468 Kelly Slates

Couple curbs winter boredom building Tiny Home

Christine and Jimmy Joyce wanted a project to work on during the winter when business is slower due to bad weather, so they reached out to 84 Lumber to build a Tiny Home.

This Roving model features a modified front porch.

The Roving by Christine and Jimmy Joyce.

They said they may use this to rent as a hunting camp or they plan to sell it out right.

From the barn door to the counter tops, this Tiny Home has a rustic and cozy feel.

Their staff at Certified Safety Products in New York built everything seen here.. They expect to build more Tiny Homes in the future.

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber provides a unique opportunity to live happily with less. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products while offering value-added packages and services to our customers that promote an excellent quality of life. Our focus is to inspire a spirit of adventure that encourages our buyers to simplify their priorities. We intend to offer a positive environment that promotes the collaboration of interesting, useful and important ideas between our skilled associates.
Spring Cleaning to Simplify your Life  1024 683 Kelly Slates

Spring Cleaning to Simplify your Life 

Ahh, spring is here. Does the bright, clean space in this photo put you at ease? Take this spring cleaning season and go a bit further – try minimalizing.

Going tiny requires a shift to a more minimalistic lifestyle. To some, this may be a challenge, but tiny living can help to simplify your life, mindset, and surroundings (not to mention your bank account!).

Sound refreshing? Here are some quick tips to start living a more minimalist lifestyle:

  • Try a capsule wardrobe – pick neutral pieces that you can mix and match, but keep a few bright or unique accessories to change up your outfits. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration on capsule wardrobes!
  • Declutter! Having a hard time parting with that jacket that was a great deal, but resembles 3 others in your closet? What if you could get a few bucks back for it? Sell your clothes using a service like ThredUP or Poshmark. Donating more your style? Think about those who could really use a new jacket – this makes it easier to donate.
  • Implement multi-tasking details, like this cutting board that doubles as a sink cover! Hello, counter space!
  • Go digital! Digitize photos, receipts, and other important documents or nostalgic items using the CamScanner app for Android or Evernote Scannable for iOS. That external hard drive (or the cloud) will take up far less space than a few file cabinets!

Trying the minimalist lifestyle this spring?  Let us know your favorite tips!

See the Evergreen model on DIY Network’s Tiny House, Big Living! 1024 774 Kelly Slates

See the Evergreen model on DIY Network’s Tiny House, Big Living!

Did you get a chance to see the Tiny Zoo House episode on Tiny House, Big Living? If you missed it, you’re in luck! You can watch the full episode here, or click below! In the episode, you’ll meet Stephanie and Tim from the Creative Animal Foundation, and you’ll tour the inside of their one-of-a-kind Tiny Living by 84 Lumber tiny house, the Evergreen!


Note: you will be asked to log in with your local cable provider. 

Tiny Home from 84 Lumber to be Featured on DIY Network Feb. 2 1024 683 Kelly Slates

Tiny Home from 84 Lumber to be Featured on DIY Network Feb. 2

EIGHTY FOUR, Pa. (February 1, 2017)84 Lumber, the nation’s leading privately held supplier of building materials, is proud to announce its tiny house, The Evergreen, will be featured on DIY Network’s “Tiny House, Big Living” tomorrow Thursday, February 2 at 9:30 p.m.

In collaboration with The Creative Animal Foundation, 84 Lumber designed and built a one-of-a kind home for the foundation’s creators, Stephanie Arne and Tim Davison. With a focus on personalization and environmental friendliness, the team developed a finished product that allows Stephanie and Tim to live and travel easily in the Evergreen.

“We’re excited to help introduce The Creative Animal Tour in 2017,” said 84 Lumber’s director of marketing Amy Smiley. “With The Evergreen, Stephanie and Tim have combined convenience, sustainability and most importantly, the feeling of home in their tiny house.”

DIY Network will feature 84 Lumber in the “Tiny Zoo House” episode that is set to air four times in February. To stay updated on The Creative Animal Tour’s journey, which begins in early 2017, visit here.

84 Lumber began manufacturing tiny homes, as part of its Tiny Living offerings, in 2016. Tiny houses offered by the company include The Roving, The Shonsie and The Degsy. Most recently 84 Lumber debuted its fourth model at the 2017 International Builders’ Show, The Countryside.  To learn more about 84 Lumber’s tiny houses please visit here.


About 84 Lumber

Founded in 1956, 84 Lumber Company is the nation’s leading privately held supplier of building materials, manufactured components, and industry-leading services for single- and multi-family residences and commercial buildings. 84 Lumber operates more than 250 stores, component manufacturing plants, custom door shops, custom millwork shops, and engineered wood product (EWP) centers in 30 states, representing the top 130 markets in the country. 84 Lumber also offers professional residential and commercial contractors turn-key installed services for a variety of products including framing, insulation, siding, windows, roofing, decking, and drywall. A certified women’s business enterprise owned by Maggie Hardy, 84 Lumber was named as one of Forbes’ Best Midsize Employers in America 2016 and Forbes’ Largest Private Companies in America 2016. For more information, please visit

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber featured on DIY Network show 1024 1024 Kelly Slates

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber featured on DIY Network show

Our Tiny Living by 84 Lumber house, The Evergreen.

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber is going to be featured in the DIY Network show, “Tiny House, Big Living!”

We donated the Evergreen model tiny house to Stephanie Arne, host of Wild Kingdom, who started the Creative Animal Foundation. She and her husband, Tim, travel the country in The Evergreen educating people about animals

Tune in to the DIY Network Feb. 2 at 9:30 p.m. to see the custom-built tiny home.

Stephanie and Tim

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber Goes to the International Builders’ Show 987 552 Kelly Slates

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber Goes to the International Builders’ Show

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber Goes to the International Builders’ Show from Tiny Living by 84 Lumber on Vimeo.

Our newest tiny house, the Countryside, goes to Orlando for the 2017 International Builders' Show – check out the tours!

Countryside Progress #7 768 1024 Kelly Slates

Countryside Progress #7

Take a peek inside the Countryside! With the exterior complete, the focus now becomes the interior!

image6 image5 image7 image8