How to Save Green on Your Grocery Budget 724 483 Alex Linardi

How to Save Green on Your Grocery Budget

Sometimes when I talk about ‘going green’ I’m met with an eye-roll and a shrug, but the truth is whether you live tiny or not, there are ‘eco-tweaks’ that you can make that will save you money and benefit your well-being, especially when it comes to your grocery shopping. If you like the idea of…

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Dear DIY’ers… 1024 577 Alex Linardi

Dear DIY’ers…

Ever wonder what the insiders want you to know about going tiny? Here’s some advice from our experts at 84 Tiny Living. Planning your tiny build/buy: Research the area you want to put your tiny house. Find out the codes and necessary specifications you need to follow for a permanent living structure in your area.…

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Sustainability Tips and FAQs for Living Tiny 1024 683 Alex Linardi

Sustainability Tips and FAQs for Living Tiny

There are plenty of benefits that come with living the tiny lifestyle. Flexibility,  freedom, and ease are the advantages that usually come to mind, but reducing your environmental footprint is another big bonus. Reducing living quarters doesn’t automatically make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, though. There is plenty more to it. That’s why it’s important to…

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But, where do I put my stuff? 1 1 Alex Linardi

But, where do I put my stuff?

Downsizing to live in a tiny house can either be exciting or extremely stressful. Some people find it liberating to free themselves from their ‘stuff’ while others find it overwhelming. If you wait until you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy your tiny house, you won’t have much time to downsize all of your…

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Why the wheels? 1 1 Alex Linardi

Why the wheels?

This month I want to give you some insight on why our houses are on the small(er) side and on wheels. First off, when taking on any type of project there needs to be a planning period. For us this means design work, meeting with an architect, meeting with the engineer, and repeat. This process…

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