Why the wheels? 1 1 Alex Linardi

Why the wheels?

This month I want to give you some insight on why our houses are on the small(er) side and on wheels. First off, when taking on any type of project there needs to be a planning period. For us this means design work, meeting with an architect, meeting with the engineer, and repeat. This process…

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It’s Official! 683 1024 Alex Linardi

It’s Official!

84 Tiny Living has partnered with Alyssa Bean and Dan Mini on an exciting new project! Alyssa and Dan, with the help of Skoolie Homes and ourselves, are renovating a school bus to live in and travel to all 48 mainland states. They made the decision to pack up their lives and put it on…

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Throwing a (tiny) dinner party. 724 483 Alex Linardi

Throwing a (tiny) dinner party.

FACT: When converting to a tiny house your lifestyle will change. You will need to get rid of some items. Your cleaning routine will be altered. You will become more aware of the space you once occupied, for better or worse. Fortunately for you though, there are just as many things that will not have…

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Navigating Around the Roadblocks to Ownership 724 483 Alex Linardi

Navigating Around the Roadblocks to Ownership

Last month we discussed a few of the roadblocks to owning and living in your tiny house. If you haven’t seen that blog, take a few minutes to go back and read it.   Good news: If you are planning on traveling with your tiny house on wheels, you won’t have to worry about zoning…

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Roadblocks to Ownership 1024 768 Lexi Long

Roadblocks to Ownership

Tiny houses are great! They offer financial freedom, mobility and more time to spend doing the things you love! So why isn’t everyone going tiny? There are some hurdles to living in a tiny house that we would be remiss not to address. Unfortunately, even though there is overwhelming support and interest in tiny homes,…

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