Navigating Around the Roadblocks to Ownership 724 483 Lexi Long

Navigating Around the Roadblocks to Ownership

Last month we discussed a few of the roadblocks to owning and living in your tiny house. If you haven’t seen that blog, take a few minutes to go back and read it.   Good news: If you are planning on traveling with your tiny house on wheels, you won’t have to worry about zoning…

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Roadblocks to Ownership 1024 768 Lexi Long

Roadblocks to Ownership

Tiny houses are great! They offer financial freedom, mobility and more time to spend doing the things you love! So why isn’t everyone going tiny? There are some hurdles to living in a tiny house that we would be remiss not to address. Unfortunately, even though there is overwhelming support and interest in tiny homes,…

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7 Reasons why you should attend a trade show. 1024 768 Lexi Long

7 Reasons why you should attend a trade show.

When our tiny living team decides to take a tiny house to a show there are many questions we must answer first. We want to be sure that we will be able to make an impact on those that are attending in a positive way. We realize that you have paid money and may have…

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Who is buying a tiny house? 904 386 Lexi Long

Who is buying a tiny house?

The typical tiny house customer cannot be confined to a certain box. In our experience, there is not one overwhelming age group or profession that prefers the lifestyle, so that question can be difficult to answer. Over the course of 2016 and 2017 the MicroLife Institute conducted a survey with the results showing just that.…

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Drumroll Please… 1024 681 Lexi Long

Drumroll Please…

Welcome to the Degsy! Our contemporary tiny home got a facelift and we are so excited to unveil it to you! This house features several custom designs brought to you by our 84 Custom Millwork Shop, Sign Shop, and one of the artists that we have here on staff. When you walk inside you will…

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