Shonsie Progress #2 681 1024 Kelly Slates

Shonsie Progress #2

The Shonsie’s interior layout is similar to our Roving model. However, the Shonsie features lighter interior tones, exposed rafters, a glass sliding door and an enclosed porch area.

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Degsy Progress #7 736 489 Kelly Slates

Degsy Progress #7

Our Degsy model features large amounts of natural light thanks to the oversized Ply Gem windows throughout the space.

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Shonsie Progress #1 571 859 Kelly Slates

Shonsie Progress #1

Welcome to the Shonsie! Follow along with us as we post pictures of the building process. We can’t wait to reveal the final product to you!

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Degsy Progress #6 489 736 Kelly Slates

Degsy Progress #6

We are wrapped and ready to go! Now that the exterior wall sheathing has been secured, we have added housewrap for the underlayment of the siding….. In addition to the wrap, ice and water shield is placed for a layer of protection before the roof is installed. We make sure to take these necessary steps…

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Degsy Progress #5 736 736 Kelly Slates

Degsy Progress #5

Framing is going up by our team in the 84 Lumber Custom Millwork Shop!

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