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Countryside Progress #2 768 1024 Alex Linardi
Countryside Exterior Progress Photo

Countryside Progress #2

Check out the building progress photos from our newest tiny house model, the Countryside! This phase included beginning the installation of the composite roofing, and framing of the windows and doors.  Stay tuned to see what’s next!


Countryside Building Progress Photos - Exterior with Composite Roofing Added

Exterior Progress Photo with Composite Roofing Added


Countryside Interior Progress Photo

Interior Progress Photo

Shonsie Progress #3 1024 681 Alex Linardi

Shonsie Progress #3

The next step for the Shonsie is to create a mounting system for the metal roof. Any idea what color roof we have in mind?
Degsy Progress #8 1024 681 Alex Linardi

Degsy Progress #8

Take a peek into the Degsy kitchen. This gourmet kitchen features a built-in cutting board, and electric cooktop and a smooth surface countertop!