Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - 84 Tiny Houses
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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As we are finishing up the build of our new Degsy Tiny House, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you all just how exactly our tiny houses come together. Currently all of them are built in Eighty-Four, PA at 84 Lumber Headquarters. Each house is truly a team effort and consists of designers, architects, engineers, general contractors, our millwork shop and sign shop associates and our marketing team. As with any house build, and possibly even more so with tiny houses, there are a lot of changes that tend to happen on the fly and cooperation among everyone involved is very important. But before we even start building there is a ton of work and planning that happens.

It starts with our Customers, Designers and Developers. When working on a new design, we work hard to build in efficiencies and details that our customers will benefit from. Trust me on this one, we have a reason for every design decision that we make. If you have a question on why we use certain materials, or why we placed a feature where we did, feel free to ask. At 84 Tiny Living our designers and developers have a tendency to be on the road, visiting with customers and showing off our tiny homes at shows and at some of our stores (so if you are a fan, be sure to say hi and tell us what you like, we love hearing from you!). We listen to every compliment and criticism and adjust our designs when it makes sense (and still keeps our houses safe and efficient). Once we have a rough design on paper, we move on to the next phase: Engineering and Architectural Design.

This could arguably be the most important part of the whole process. At 84 Tiny Living we take great pride in the product that we are putting out, so we work hard to ensure that it is as safe and efficient as possible. Our team of engineers and architects work together to make this happen, from our trailer specifications to the peak of each house. We then take the resulting prints to our builders and let them get to work.

If the Engineering phase is the most important, then the Build process is the most fun. It’s during this time that we get to see our ideas come to life. Our general contractors, and associates at our millwork shop and sign shop all play a pivotal role in the build of each of our houses. The crew does a great job of working with our designers to put together our vision, all while making adjustments along the way. And while our builders are physically putting the pieces together, our custom millwork shop and sign shop turn our unique ideas into tangible, head-turning features, that our builders then install.

Once our houses are built, it’s time for the Marketing team to swoop in and share the final product with you all! In collaboration with our designers and sign shop, the marketing team does a fantastic job of putting together all of the materials, photos, posts, brochures, etc. to get the word out and show off the final product.

Lastly, our store associates and sales team come together to present the tiny houses to our customer base. They are working directly with our customers to make sure that they get exactly what they are looking for at the best price.

This is just a slight overview (and shout out) to all of the amazing team members that we have on staff at 84 Tiny Living and 84 Lumber. It’s also just a snapshot of what everyone does to move this company forward. If you are interested in more information on any part of the team, reach out to us through the Contact Us link or on any of our social media sites.