The secret to tiny storage - 84 Tiny Houses
The secret to tiny storage 1024 683 Alex Linardi

The secret to tiny storage

When thinking about storage in your Tiny House, you want to utilize every square foot of the floors, walls and even ceilings. The Shonsie Model uses this significant feature in the kitchen.

One stand-in advantage of tiny house architecture is fold down furniture. This generally refers to desks and tables, though with a little imagination, you can probably think of all types of ways this specific feature would be valuable.

As an example, think about how much space you’d need for a dining table. If you could fold it into the wall when you’re not using it, nevertheless, all of a sudden space isn’t such a problem. Numerous people do this with benches as well, though there are no limits.

Best of all, this is an easy “DIY” answer to saving space. All you need is the wood for the desk/table/bench, a pair of hinges and a fastening mechanism to keep it in tack.
The Shonsie has a unique pull-down feature from the ceiling in the kitchen. Three extra shelves in a Tiny Kitchen can go along way for kitchen supplies. As mentioned before, space is valuable in every Tiny Home and the unique ways to create space is very valuable to anyone that is living tiny or is planning to live tiny.