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Tiny House Will Travel

One of the questions that we frequently get is how our houses hold up while traveling with them. Since we began hauling them around in February of 2016 we have put over 30,000 miles on our tiny houses. They have visited 20 different states in the US and were shown at 44 different events, with well over 20,000 people walking through them, so you could say that we have some experience.

When we created the 84 Tiny Living program we wanted to stay true to the tiny house on wheels (THOW) concept and were careful to design each house to be transported easily. The materials that we use were chosen specifically for the purpose of travel and with the least amount of maintenance as possible. For example, because there is a possibility of losing shingles while traveling we use metal or composite roofing. Also, our screens are on the inside of the windows, instead of on the outside, to prevent losing them on the road.

Something else you need to consider are the dimensions of your THOW. All of our tiny houses are towable with a ¾ ton truck and fall under the necessary specifications for traveling with a camper or trailer. All of this means that you do not need any type of special license or permits to move them, and allows you, as the owner, the ability to pick up and go whenever you need to.

The logistics of traveling with your 84 Tiny House only become complicated by what you own or add to your home. Everything needs to be secured when traveling to prevent damage. This generally doesn’t take a lot of time to do, I can usually secure our tiny house models in about 15 minutes when we travel with them, but it is something that you need to be aware of. We also do a walkaround of our houses to ensure that none of the siding is loose, the tires have enough air pressure, all of the windows and doors are locked, etc. Once the house is ready for travel, it’s a simple hook up onto the truck and away we go!

Do you have any experience traveling with your house? Let us know below what your biggest concerns are or what you love about being able to travel with your home.

We have 3 more events confirmed on our calendar this year, which will add another state to the above list, and several more that we are still considering. We’d love to see you at one of our stops!