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Tiny Living 101

“What is a tiny house?” is a question that I get asked all of the time. Along with, “Why would someone want to live in one?”. The best debates happen when we are on the road, giving tours, and we get 2 or more people in the house that can talk about the pros and cons of living the tiny house lifestyle. Someone who isn’t familiar with the concept, talking to someone that is well-versed in the lifestyle, can result in a very informative and open discussion. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to witness such a dialogue, so I wanted to address it in our monthly blog.

To answer the first question, a tiny house is exactly what the name states. It is a house that is shrunk down substantially from the average 2,600 square foot American home to 200 square feet or less and has the added bonus of being on wheels. There is nothing that is missing from one of our THOWs (Tiny House on Wheels). They all have kitchens with stove tops and refrigerators. They all have bathrooms with showers & toilets. They all have living and sleeping spaces. It’s everything that you would have in a typical home, just on a smaller scale. Living in a tiny house does not mean that you have to skimp on any comforts. You can still have Low-E windows, LED lighting, water conserving faucets, and any other designer finish you want.

Why or Who
The next question, ‘why or who would choose to live in one’, is a bit more difficult to answer. The reasons people have to live tiny, are as different as the individual themselves. At 84 Tiny Living all of our houses are specifically designed and engineered to be built on trailers. This enables the customer to haul their house and place it wherever they would like. This can be especially useful for those that travel often for work and don’t want to stay in hotels, or for those that can work from anywhere and prefer to travel while doing it, or for those that are retired and like to live in different parts of the country during different times of the year. Many individuals embrace the lifestyle for the freedom it offers, whether it be from a mortgage, maintenance, or minimalistic perspective.

I invite you to share your reasons for ‘living tiny’ below! Mine are freedom from clutter and the ability to spend more time doing the things that I enjoy as opposed to maintaining something that I don’t even get to spend that much time in.

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