Home Sweet
(Tiny) Home

Don’t Sweat the BIG Stuff

Meet Tiny Living by 84 Lumber

Our four tiny homes, ranging from classic to contemporary, are portable and under 200 square feet, giving you financial freedom and a greener environmental footprint. So you can focus on enjoying life’s little moments.


Tiny Living by 84 Lumber helps you reduce your belongings.


Tiny Living by 84 Lumber decreases your debt and lets you live a financially free lifestyle.


Tiny Living by 84 Lumber minimizes your environmental footprint.

Tiny Living Mission Statement

  • Tiny Living by 84 Lumber provides a unique opportunity to live happily with less.
  • We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products while offering value-added packages and services to our customers that promote an excellent quality of life.
  • Our focus is to inspire a spirit of adventure that encourages our buyers to simplify their priorities.
  • We intend to offer a positive environment that promotes the collaboration of interesting, useful and important ideas between our skilled associates.